Because Ryann called me Chabelita before when I had full bangs and I looked like I was in grade school when really I was a college freshman at the time.



Too much pink Tuesday 

Too much pink Tuesday 

Happy birthday to one of the happiest, creative-est, always go friendsThank you for lunch on your birthday, thank you for the long random conversations, thank you for picking up my phone when it fell during the foundation days (thank you thank you thank you!!!), thank you for not being one of those friends who stop talking to you after college, thank you for inviting me always to places (even though I don’t always push through haha), thank you for all the days we ever spent together - too mushy. Thanks for everything, Ry!

I don’t have to say it, but… I’m just always a text/phone call away. Love you!  

Friday nights are group date nights…”

Always waldas pera Fridays. I’ll be broke before our contract’s over. 

We don’t take pics during busy times because we’re busy

Mhamie’s 22ndHaha, we’re no longer the same age, mhie. :p Happiest birthday, mhie! Thanks for the food, and for the instant reunion, haha!M

Exploring tastes with mommy Mia 

This is where the long weekend has taken me - purchasing my own laptop with my own money ❤ I feel so grown up and accomplished - with help of course from a techie cousin who pointed out all the specs and whatnot, and mommy Mia who gave the extra money I needed because of bank’s strict rules for maximum withdrawals per day harhar ✖

Meet up because ❤

I missed nights like this, guys. 

Yet another Friday out. This time it’s not just a night out though, it’s a day out too. We had lunch at Kenny’s, then bought scrubsuits, stayed at K while our other friends had their lunch.

And because we thought Concon was being sent to TCH for real, we had a despidida party for him. It turned out though, that someone spoke up for him and well… He’s still here at the CHO. ✌

But anyway, it gave us an excuse to hang out at Ate Joms’ place, and well… 

Because there wasn’t much to do today… ✌